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Backup Repository, on a QNAP

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I am traying to run Archiware Pure on a QNAP. However, I am stuck in the most basic step; 3. Backup Repository.

I have scour the Internet. Watch 3 webinar. Research KB. But for the life of me I can not get this to work.

The intention is to use the same QNAP as the backup repository. Can you please provide the Step-By-Step instructions for adding a backup repository on the same QNAP that P5 is running on?

Marijan Kozic
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Hi, @oromero,

When Pure asks you to configure a backup repository, it asks you to provide a full path to a folder you would like to use for storing your backups. This path can point to any folder or a mounted file system that is accessible and legible by the host operating system (in your case, QNAP OS).
I will have to check if there are any specifics particular to QNAP but as far as I remember, the process is very similar on all NAS devices. On my Synology NAS, I can simply create a folder using the Synology web GUI, right-click on the folder to get the properties and find the full path from there. Then I simply enter this path into Pure (in my case "/volume1/homes/pure_repo"

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