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Backups slow

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I'm using a Synology server to backup my VM's over ESX, and it works, but I only get about 10mbps performance, even though the interface is gigabit. I did some tests and can push traffic at full speed over the interfaces, but for some reason backups are slow. Is that just how VMware is?

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Hi, I am not sure how to help you based on your question only but I know that you should be able to get more speed out of network transfer. Since you are using a Synology based Pure instance, all backup traffic goes over LAN using VMware's proprietary implementation of the NFC protocol.

The first thing you could do is to increase the number of parallel backups in Pure as this will allow Pure to use multiple network connections simultaneously which should increase overall backup speed. After that, please look into VMware's NFC best practices and tips on how to increase transfer speed.