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[Sticky] New version of Pure is released  


Marijan Kozic
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06/05/2020 11:38 am  

Hi everyone.

We are proud to announce the latest version of Pure.

This thread will always give the link to the latest version of Pure and if you subscribe to it, you will be notified each time a new version is released. Additionally, you can subscribe to our newsletter here and be notified of the new versions by email.

The latest version of Pure is 2.0.8.

Virtual Appliance and Linux version can be updated directly through GUI. New installations as well as NETGEAR, QNAP and Synology packages can be found at the downloads page.

Major changes are:

  • Fixed: VM creation during restore has been updated so as to exclude VM configuration parameters that have since been declared deprecated by VMware.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where restore would fail due to the original VM having the 'uptCompatibility' property set on a non-supported network card. This property is allowed only on vmxnet3 type of adapter during VM creation but live VMs are allowed to enter into this misconfiguration without complaints by vSphere. Pure now checks and disables this property if necessary.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where multiple backups starting at the same time could cause delays in database access, potentially resulting in a database lock.