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Windows 2012 R2 no boot failure  

Doug Lytle
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I've installed a 30 day review license of ArchiWare Pure for my employer for review.  When trying to do a test restore of a Win2kR2 server, it fails to boot with a blue boot failure and a quick reboot.

Since using ArchiWare at home in an all Linux environment, I've never had the need to test on Windows.  I'll do another test restore today to get a better error message.

Is there something that needs to be set for the Windows 2012 R2 servers before a backup?



Marijan Kozic
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Hi Doug,

One problem reported by customers with some frequency is a fault in VSS snapshot causing disks to become readonly and hidden. More info here:


As far as I know, there is still no final solution for this issue so you might want to use one of the two known workarounds:

1) Disable snapshot quiescing either by removing VMTools or by these steps:
  • Start the vSphere Client, and log in to a vCenter Server.
  • Select Virtual Machines and Templates and click the Virtual Machines tab.
  • Right‐click the Windows 2008 virtual machine for which you are enabling the disk UUID attribute, and select Power > Power Off. The virtual machine powers off.
  • Right‐click the virtual machine, and click Edit Settings.
  • Click the Options tab, and select the General entry in the settings column.
  • Click Configuration Parameters… The Configuration Paramters window appears.
  • Click Add Row.
  • In the Name column, enter disk.EnableUUID.
  • In the Value column, enter FALSE.
  • Click OK and click Save.
  • Power on the virtual machine.
2) Repair VM after the fact:
• Boot into command prompt recovery - Windows 2012 CD
• Select boot drive
• diskpart
• list volume
• select volume #
• Check attribs - good configuration should look like below (bad config can have all Yes) 
     DISKPART> attribute volume
     Read-only             : No
     Hidden                : No
     No Default Drive Letter: No
     Shadow Copy           : No
• Reset the attribs (Assign letter might fail if already set - ignore)
• att vol clear readonly
• att vol clear hidden
• att vol clear nodefaultdriveletter
• att vol clear shadowcopy
• assign letter=c:
• exit
• cd X:\sources\recovery
• startrep.exe


Doug Lytle
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Following the above links allowed me to recover the test virtual machine,