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Ransomware attacks impact organizations of all sizes and sectors. Out of 540 organizations in North America, Canada, the U.K. and Germany, nearly half have experienced ransomware attacks in 2016 (Osterman Research Survey). Therefore, intelligent backup mediums are necessary to ensure maximum security.


A sizeable proportion of businesses lack the necessary protection to prevent attacks. Antivirus software and firewall installations only partially protect servers against ransomware. To ensure data security, data must be backed up and/or archived on secondary storage. LTO-tape, disk or the Cloud are possible solutions, supported by P5 Archive (disk, tape, Cloud) and P5 Backup (disk, tape, Cloud with upcoming Version 5.5).

Contrary to disks and the Cloud, the LTO-tape can only be accessed when it is mounted in the drive. Even then, keeping multiple copies of data on separate tapes and off-site is a common and inexpensive practice. Hence, LTO-tape dramatically increases protection against cyber-attacks.

The number of cyber-attacks in 2016

Source: Osterman Research, Inc.

Antivirus Software: The Best Solution?

Machine-to-machine attacks have become more frequent as viruses automatically migrate from one device to another via the Internet. The most recent case: the global spread of the malware WannaCry.

Antivirus software automatically detects suspicious files or programs attempting to access the computer. However, it presents several disadvantages:

Limited detection techniques:

  • Employment of only one detection technique (virus scan or CRC scan)
  • Failure to detect viruses through scan
  • Viruses residing on computer prior to CRC scanner installation may remain undetected
  • False alarm if virus pattern code matches normal file code

Lack of full protection:

  • Potential of hacking despite multi-detection methods
  • Possible damage to useful files or software
  • No instant protection for newly discovered threats

Slowdown of PCs or Networks:

  • Reduction of computer resources, memory and hard disk space
  • Delay in network connection during anti-virus scans

To secure valuable company data, secondary storage on LTO-tape, disk or the Cloud is essential.

Data Security: A Vital Concept

Data losses cost time, money and may – in the worst-case scenario – put a company out of business. Therefore, the following storage protection methods must carefully be considered.

Which Storage Type?

When selecting the most appropriate data storage, the three most common types come to mind. LTO-tape, disk and the Cloud. They differ in various aspects, as summarized below:

Table comparing Disk, LTO Tape and Cloud as medium against cyber-attacks

Source: Archiware Spotlight Article (March 2017)

Advantages of LTO-Tape Storage Technology

Over the past few years, LTO-tape has increasingly been used as secondary storage. In summary, advantages include:

Benefits of LTO Tape against cyber-attacks

Antivirus software does not provide sufficient protection against cyber-attacks. A robust storage solution, such as LTO-tape most effectively protects valuable data from malware.

Secure data on LTO-Tape with P5 Archive and P5 Backup. Learn more about the P5 Suite here!

If you have questions regarding the choice of hardware, or how to plan and build your professional data security solution with Archiware P5, please do not hesitate to contact your local reseller or submit a ticket to our support team.

Cyber-Attacks: The Backup-Medium for Maximum Security
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