June 11, 2013 – Even though archiving is important in almost all industries, there is one that couldn’t avoid the topic even if it tried. I am talking about the digital media industry.

The volume of data created in this field and the prices of primary storage make archiving not just an option, but a must.  In the digital media industry, data is often organized in Media Asset Management (MAM) Systems. There are countless one of them out there, some very complex, some a little more easy to use.

What MAM you are using depends mostly on your workflow requirements and the amount of money you want to spend. There are two different solutions out there that we are encountering on a regular basis. The first one is CatDV, the second one is more of a newbie called Cantemo Portal.

CatDV by Squarebox has been around for a while and manages production assets. Our American distributor PVT has created a P4 Archive integration into CatDV called Castor. It is available for free on the PVT website.

The new MAM around is called Cantemo Portal. It has been adopted by some of our close partners out of a need to replace Final Cut Server within their portfolio. These partners include MetaMedia in the US and moosystems in Germany. The latter is also offering an integration of P4 Archive into Cantemo Portal’s MAM.

More background information about MAM Systems in Chesapeake’s Podcast:

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Media Asset Management Systems
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