April 19, 2013 – About a year ago, we decided to put together a website with P4 scripts.  This site features the work of our partners, as well as some of our own techs.

This is the site with our sample scripts.

The goal of this site is to show the functionality and logic of such scripting and to save system integrators time by not having to reinvent the wheel.

Many of our close partners have written scripts for very specific purposes.  One example is the PresSTORE Media Converter 3 by ToolsOnAir, an enhanced preview generator for P4.

Another great example is Castor, a script package that ties P4 to Square Box CatDV.

But there is still more out there. I would like to put together a more comprehensive library of existing scripts and make them available to the public. If you have a script that we don’t know about, please send me an email.

Additional information about scripting for P4 can also be found in our CLI guide.

Scripts for PresSTORE P4
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